2nd May 2016 in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – News Article

Okay so 2nd may is my birthday. I was supossed to write this post but i have been on travel for last days and just got time to do it now. Read on as it will be as informative and as vague as it only can get 😉

Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto ?
Exactly on my birthday when i was in Japan, australian doctor Craig Wright decided to speak to the world saying hes Satoshi Nakamoto – creator of Bitcoin.
While all we know is that Gavin and Marlot believe to his claims i will add something else to the story.
Everybody wants him to just sign first transaction yet – i believe he cannot. Not because hes false (which he might be ) but i also believe i nthe times Satoshi was hidden, he deleted this key as his last chance of denial. Speaking more clear – key was deleted so that even when 100% of his data is compromised key is not found [as it doesnt exist] so he can still claim hes not SN and there will be no 100% proof. Genous making BTC surely thought of it so if lak of this initial key is your reason to not believe into CG = SN, think again. He may not be the guy but i would be almost sure SN destroyed this key long ago since he wanted to be anonymous and this would be the only 100% foolproof way to get him connected as creator.

Other than this. I have started into BTC at like end of 2010 due to one of australian coders. While this spot is not small, most of those known coders/internet guys know each others. Ie my coder guy knew the famous http://www.27bslash6.com/ if you dont know the guy read ie his famous http://geekologie.com/2008/11/good_idea_man_submits_drawing.php

So speaking shortly my business partner from 2010 mentions me BTC out of blue, knows all big coders and famous e-guys on the internet from AU and years later we find out Satoshi Nakamoto may be Australian. Coincidence? Maybe, but just keep that in mind as a funny story.

One of the betting sites allows you to put money for next day [until 31th may] if Craig can proove hes SN or not. Do the bet up there with me! (click image below)

Hacking, Cracking n Social Engineering
Okay so lately Litecointalk froum was compromised, now we also know Litcoin.com was + ie on Bing ads you can find alot of fake sites stealing your data or just sending viruses.

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But there is also other way of hacking – more for websites, servers or bank – social engineering. I have learned this long time ago but you should start protecting from this too.
My birthday is 2nd may, lets even say you know my year + name + surname + whatever. There is 100s of people who know you IRL and know those right? This is why you should ALWAYS have no only different password for each site but also different personal data. Name, surname, age, birthday, month, name of pet, mothers maid surname etc. And you should write this data down also.
Just having different passwords is so..2010? i dont even know, Im using this method since like 2005. So instead of being a dummy just changing passwords, change 100% of datas and you will be more or less safe. Possibly in BTC world nobody needs your name, surname to recover anything – but stay secured on different grounds too.

Japan Got 2nd Volume for BTC, ETH added to Gemini
I just have been to Tokyo and now they are 2nd volume in the world for trading BTC after China.

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Keep in mind JPY vs USD is in worst situation since a year, so its a good idea to short it on forex. Of course you dont want to play forex normally as you have to pay taxes but this 100% legit (really verified by me) platform allows you to trade forex currency pairs, stocks (GoPro, Apple etc) or just BTCLTC or BTCNMC using bitcoin. Try them and make easy momney – http://simplefx.club

kfc bitcoin tokyo

kfc in japan

On the other hand if you want to raide wave of Ethereum that just got into Gemini go for longing or shorting ETH @ http://BlTMEX.com

Pass me Birthday Present – Get Something Back!
So during last years i have been doing here loads of posts which most popular ones were – montly altcoin predictions. I had success of around 80% on those – way better than any paid group would. Just browse them and check historical graphs.

Lets have a game. If i helped you make money during last years, you like me or just wanna give me something – send donation to any adress below aka give me a birthday present.

All people who will send me a gift of at least 10usd by todays price, will get invite to private Telegram channel. It will be free for now but will be on monthly subscription later on – in month or two. You will have sneak peek and free plays with prediction bot. Here is what you can see there:

But its gets better, from everybody who send me presents of at least 5usd i will randomly choose few people who will get info about some coins changes week or two before market has em. The info will come out within a month+ i predict.

If you want to give me bday present anonymously just send to any of adresses below, if you want to get any of bonuses send me email at [email protected] with amount you send + txid on blockchain of chosen coin.

Get good Karma. Send me Birthday Gift!

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