MinerGate Announces First One-Click Ethereum Miner

Ominergate ethereum miningn May 10 the MinerGate team released the first 1-click GUI Ethereum pool miner. The mining application is available for download at https://MinerGate.com.
Previously accessible to tech-savvy miners only, Ethereum mining finally becomes available for anyone who can handle a simple desktop application. Instead of configuring the system and studying tutorials, the user only needs to launch the application and click “Start mining”.

The MinerGate team has created a product that allows any user to utilize their system’s maximum capacity (both CPU and GPU), making the computer deliver the greatest possible mining efficiency. The MinerGate’s CMO, Janika Kouki, notes, “We tried to make our best for those, who mine with CPU on ordinary computers. And we succeeded: Thanks to the variable mining difficulty, it’s literally 20,000 times easier to mine Ethereum with CPU on the MinerGate pool than on other Ethereum pools.”

Besides mining, MinerGate by default provides ability to safely store and transfer cryptocurrencies, which automatically turns it into a comprehensive Ethereum service.
Here are the words of the company’s CEO, Claude Lecomte: “Having the first 1-click Ethereum miner on the one hand, and the growing Ethereum market on the other, we estimate our customer base to reach one million of active users within a year and a half”.

MinerGate.com is the largest multi-currency mining pool, started in 2014 by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, already providing mining opportunities for cryptocurrencies, with over 100,000 of active miners.

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