October 2014 Report – Best Altcoins and Cryptos to Mine and Invest In for HIGH Profits

You guys were asking why there was no altcoin charts/investment report last month for the first time – well i was busy with one of big projects as you may know and i didnt find anything interesting and secure enough to speak of. Yet for October cryptocurrencies give us loads of decent oportunities to gain income. Here is what im now buying and mining!

EXCL ExclusiveCoin – I posted about this coin before but what i can say now – EXCL market has launched under adress http://outlet.exclusivecoin.pw and sold out all Griseed Dual Miners miners within 1h from the launch at cheapest on the market price of 15USD. So far the coin meets all deadlines and promises and price keeps only raising on Atomic-Trade, Bittrex & AllCrypt. Bitcointalk Thread here

GEMS – runned by Senior Member of Bitcointalk with 100% verified source to be secure and soon will start its ICO stage. The coin wants to create decentralised instant messanger for phones/computers like Whatsapp or Hangouts with easy ways to follow friends and send money in-between if you wish. On the side note from me – GEMS are almost sure to be added to Bter and surely other big exchanges will follow. The idea is about making the coin use a social fun and to get real community not just investors. Bitcointalk Thread here

HYPER – The known cryptocurrency for gaming. The guys keep opening more and more new public servers for FPS/MMO gamers, plan to develop their own game, plan to make HYPER Corporation in the popular Eve Online game. The coin really integrates with gaming scene and keeps adding new things without price decreasing! Other big thing is they are making HYPER investment fund on the NXT Asset Exchange – which means shortly – you will buy their shares and get fees for what they earn. Just like buying shares of a company but in the crypto world Bitcointalk Thread here

OPAL – coin is listning original bitcointalk nicks of their developers made by big team not single person PnD scheme. They cleaned up all roadmap goals on time, now planned roadmap2 with new features + html5 mobile wallets coming. OPAL team also plans to make their own app store where you will be able to buy music/games/apps/licenses/proxy servers/trading bot license and some more things. Good to add is also that OPAL has encrypted messaging and fully anonymous transactions unlike Bitcoin or usual cryptos. They trade on many decent exchanges, containing Cryptsy and USD market at C-Cex. Bitcointalk Thread Here

ULTC UmberellaLitecoin – ULTC is scrypt based coin which can be merge mined with LTC, DOGE, SYS and PTC coins. That means when you mine ULTC you also mine the other coins same time without wasting a hash. Other interesting thing is this crypto is insured by devs who collect ULTC in their fund and if any disaster happends (you loose wallet, your coins get stolen or something else) they will take money from their pocket and pay for your looses. Sounds too good to be true? Lately guys Bittrex account was hacked and they paid him 1.2BTC – even tho he wasnt even ULTC holder per se. Def good to drop Hashrate on it and get some as price keeps only raising. Atomic-Trade is 100% insured by ULTC. Do not forget ULTC is 7/7 stars coinsource verified which means this coin is 100% secure. Bitcointalk Thread here

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