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November 2014 Report – Best Altcoins and Cryptos to Mine and Invest In for HIGH Profits

Here is a list of coins that you should keep eye on this november – they are in a mode whre you can still enter [or havent even started yet] so take your pics and put eggs to few baskets!

EXCL ExclusiveCoin – EXCL market had second sale and everythign went perfect again http://outlet.exclusivecoin.pw and the coin got to Cryptsy within week of its life – which is not something usual. The price fallen a little last day so it might be good idea o enter now esp with almost daily news on EXCL that trades also at Atomic-Trade, C-Cex Bittrex, AllCrypt.

FLDC FoldingCoin – this coin is in presale stage and works on top of XCP network which means it uses blockchain secured by Bitcoin. Its an pretty unusual technology for new users but it has an easy online wallet. Thing to note is that its not a traditional crowdsale that we speak of here.FLDC is fully operational and the funds they are selling are their own coins that the dev team has earned! Folding uses your computer to simulate how proteins fold in your body. This is the Folding@home project developed by Stanford University so by using the coin you are actaully not just wasting elecrticity for nothing but doing something useful. So by folding you are actually contributing to research new medicines and that should buy you already. Do some good for this world and check this project and its compexity. Bitcointalk Thread here

HashCoin – This is a cryptocurrency made by famous GAWminers that is going to start its ICO soon. This coin will be all connected with zencloud system and claims to be the most stable, widely-adopted, and fastest cryptocurrency ever conceived with loads of merchant adoption and extra options. Why knows maybe we get BTC 2.0 now? Only time will tell and the launch is coming really soon. News will be shown in 35 minutres from now so possibly when you read it – the link is already working. (edit the whitepaper is live) Hashtalk Thread Here

HTML5 HTMLCoin – Another old coin that used to run as HTML ticker, but it was fully updated to x15 algo/PoS, changed to HTML5 and.. its rocking Cryptsy with biggest volume on their XRP market (also newly opened) and can be caught also at Comkort. Dedicated devs not dropping ideas but fighting til lthey make it – thats what you can rarely find in cryptocommunity and that is what HTMLcoin brings, so just check it out. Cryptocointalk Thread here.

HYPER – The is currency for games sponsoring servers (Counter Strike, Just Cause 2, Assetto Corsa) and gaming events, and also working on developing their own MMO game. This currency is not new but raises almost every time i look at it + keeps brining news and has stronge community. Whether you are gamer or not – this is a good call to check this out. Bitcointalk Thread here

MNE Munne – This coin just ended ICO stage and had huge amount of BTCs peopel invested in it and its dev keep their promises so far. The main thing to drop is kind of web-bowser game like mafia used to be. The game already is in the tesing and devs are doing everything on time. MNE has still fair price to enter [around 1k higher than ICO and alot of news and phases to come. Trades on Bittrex. Bitcointalk Thread here

NEOS Neoscoin – the uniquess here is.. this coins platform is written in PHP, which gives it loads of future abilities to be easily integrated to sites/portals or various apps. The wallet is so crazy its just best to see it for yourself to see something new in this world. To top that there is full anonimization of transactions, private messaging, market data, your pools stats and other things. This brings somethign totally new to cryptoworld and the devs are 100% commited, not doing this for money. Bitcointalk Thread here.

POP PopularCoin – this is not a new currency but was pretty long in the game so i can say that team is solid for 100% and really cares about it. This is not get quick rich sheme but if you want to be part of cool community and help dedicated peopel spreading POPs – you just have to check this one out! Trades on Allcrypt in BTC and even USD pairs. Since they will eb updating wallet soon the best way to get POP now is to mine/buy and deposit to the exchanges address. Official Forum here.

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4 thoughts on “November 2014 Report – Best Altcoins and Cryptos to Mine and Invest In for HIGH Profits”

  1. I would suggest going for sfrcoin and archcoin instead of html5coin and popcoin. Also there hasnt been much news for neoscoin so i would refrain from investing in it until there is further news.

  2. Can you tell me your impression about the SOLARCOIN

    I think it’s one of the greatest idea about cryptocurrency.

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