KickCity ICO – Decentralized Reward-Based Communities

This is another interesting Ethereum ICO thats using Bancor protocol. Have a look what KickCity has to offer and decide if you want to be part of this!

Idea Behind KickCity ?
kickcity ico ethereumTraditional event marketing with CPC model has failed as the conversion rate is very low. KickCity P2P protocol will use smart contracts to distribute reward among users based on their promotional power.This way when company or artist makes an event people will be promoting him inside network for the rewards aka KICK tokens. This way when you tell friends about a concert or go with them you can all make money for the tickets or beers inside.
Another option is event crowdfunding. An organizer can receive funds for hosting and organizing an party or concer while users that contributed can attend his event using the issued KCY tokens. KickCity proposes a common decentralized platform for community building for the crypto-world. Community creators can charge a fee in KCY and participants pay to join communities. 2% of every transaction goes to the reserve, thereby propping the appreciation of KCY-tokens. Everything built on top of Ethereum.

Why Its Worth to Check This ?
Because this is not a concept, but an actual product that now they want to move into blockchain and add more things. KickCity currently supports ticket purchase using FIAT & Bitcoins, and now they concentrate on adding their native KICK/KCY tokens and in future other Ethereum ones. KickCity is a Y combinator startup school Alumnus and completed Microsoft Bootcamp in Helsinki. The startup has innovative products that currently generate revenue. For the past year, KickCity, Inc. has focused on building a community around events, providing event organizers with
tools to create, promote and monetize their events. Every user has a profile and one can invite friends to events and enjoy personalized content.
KickCity currently works in 5 cities: Houston (USA), Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Russia), Helsinki (Finland) and Paris (France) and Dubai (UAE) are said to launch soon. The app is on AppStore for iOS and Play for Android. You can also see it working on website –

How to Join Crowdsale ?
As usual this days this is an Ethereum token which as partner has AdEX an ICO targetting getting advertisers on decentralized websites. Which look hot already. The ICO is on Ethereum so you will need a wallet that you control private keys of – Mew, Metamask etc.
Now you can go to TOKEN SALE PAGE and prepare. It starts at October 4th. 160 Million KickCity Tokens (KCY) will be sold during crowd sale and all unsold tokens will be destroyed out of total of 500 millions.

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