ADAMANT Messenger – Decentralized Communicator on Blockchain

One of the pretty interesting projects that I saw lately is ADM aka Adamant messenger. Have a look at the product.

There are still many people, who are quite skeptical about the blockchain system’s future. Indeed, they say that blockchain cannot be applied to real life situations because popular resources like social media, online banking and news feeds do not feature it. However, this opinion is not completely correct. Blockchain has already entered our lives. Though its development is quite gradual, this system affects more areas of society day by day. That is to say, many countries introduce cryptocurrency as a legal payment unit and build state services on blockchain, too. Moreover, there are applications that people can use for their everyday life. Among them is ADAMANT – a messaging platform that allows not only sending messages but also cryptocurrencies.

The project started 1.5 years ago. ADAMANT messenger was released in 2018 and thousands of people have been using it since then. If you want to check out this app, you can visit the official website and create a new account in a fraction of a second. Furthermore, you will not need to enter your personal information, such as phone numbers or email addresses.

ADM – Privacy, stability, decentralization

ADAMANT is the answer to those who question other messengers’ security. Since 2010, many platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, VK, WhatsApp and Telegram have been compromising their users’ chats and personal data. Moreover, these users are constantly at risk of hacking and thus, losing their accounts to criminals. To that end, the idea of creating a healthy environment for chatting resulted in various blockchain projects, including ADAMANT.

ADAMANT’s system is based on blockchain, which became its major feature. This IT-solution gave the messenger a head start. This messaging app has several advantages:

  1. A decentralized system that is independent of its developers. ADAMANT users support its blockchain by holding their own nodes. Presently, there are approx. 200 active nodes, which is sufficient for a solid work performance.
  2. Anonymity. ADAMANT does not require your phone number or credit card. Thus, it is impossible to ascertain a user’s identity.
  3. Encrypted conversations. No third parties are able to read your messages, nor can they change them.

Why Adamant chat system is anonymous and secure

ADAMANT has other unique features that make it one of the most anonymous and private apps existing. That is, E2EE (End-to-End encryption). Even if third parties get a hold of your conversations, they will not be able to read them. All the messages are encrypted in a way only you and your recipient can see them.

ADAMANT accounts are equal. That is to say, there are no titles or hierarchy, such as “admin” or “moderator”. What’s more, ADAMANT cannot ban or suspend its users’ accounts, not can the app moderate their content.

ADAMANT does not do targeted ads, which means that the app does not collect personal data. Furthermore, the project’s monetization is tied up with the system’s token, that is ADM.

Overall, there are more than 20 reasons to switch to ADAMANT. You can check out the full list on the project’s blog.

What is coming to ADM in the Future and Whats there Now

Currently, there are three functioning ADAMANT apps: PWA (Progressive Web App), iOS app and a beta Android version. All the mentioned above platforms feature messaging and money transferring. You can send up to five cryptocurrencies via chat directly (ADM, BZ, BNB, ETH, LSK). In a week’s time, ADAMANT will add DOGE to its cryptocurrency list. Since 2018, people have created 57 000 accounts and made more than 200 000 transactions.

The project’s developers will add support for even more cryptocurrencies during 2019. That is, BTC, DASH and Monero. Moreover, the ADAMANT team is working on group chats and a new feature that allows attaching and sending files. Furthermore, they are preparing an official release of ADAMANT for Android at this very moment. Overall, the project’s developers plan to release more than 20 new functions and upgrades in 2019.

Get ADM Adamant

As well as many other blockchain projects, ADAMANT gives its users a great opportunity to make a profit. The core of the project’s ecosystem is Fair Delegate Proof-of-Stake consensus. This concept is unique as it was created by the ADAMANT team.

Anyone can launch their own node, become a delegate and forge ADM tokens. To that end, you can do it yourself or team up with other users.

Currently, ADM is available on two crypto exchanges. That is, Bit-Z and IDCM.

To find out more about project visit the official website



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