Indorse Token Sale Ending Soon – Linked in-alike on The Blockchain

This is another interesting Token Sale which will be ended soon, they already reached their minimum goal but are going for the max cap, meet Indorse.

What is Indorse ?
indorse ethereum icoUnlike on other sites where you put your skills, schools, and courses to interact with other people a like or find employers, up here everything is decentralized and happens in form of Ethereum contract. Due to this you manage and own your data and company can’t resell it to spammers or others. Indorse is an attempt to give back ownership of data to members. A platform which is not only fun to use, but also rewarding to the contributors of the content. Here, the value of the content is
accrued to the members who create it.The best and sweetest explanation of what Indorse wants to bring us is in the below video.

Why To Invest Into This Project ?
For starters, its a social media platform, and those are the most used sites online. Just this one will be targetted (at least initially) to skill based interaction with user ranks and such. It is built on Ethereum which is currently the hottest platform for smart contracts. The team working on the token is fully transparent you can see their names, Linkedin and check skills. The advisors are people who already shown what they are made of and been tested in the blockchain and technology business. Also, they are forecasted on Wings Platform (another successful ICO that we promoted here on the blog) and already raised 30,440.152 ETH. The full white paper which will make sure you understand how this is gonna work can be found HERE.

How to Buy Indorse Ethereum Token Presale ?
You will need Ethereum wallet that you own private keys of (do not send from the exchange!) ie MyEtherWallet. Fill it with decide Ethereum tokens amounts and visit their main site to read more. Then either click “contribute now” or just visit directly.
To meet community, have updates you can also register to their slack with

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