Bitcoin Advertisment from Police in Singapore.

Today this little banner caught my eye in Sinagpore.

Obviously police advertisment with word “bitcoin” inside cannot mean anything good. Since i dont speak chinese i have used best i could – google translate.


POLICE AMARAN JENAYAH Gmn I Crime Police Are you instructed to scan a QR code remittance at a Bitcoin vending machine? This may be a scam! For information, please call UNTUK MEMBERI56 16) 1f6 あ MAKLUMAT SILA HUBUNGI BUKIT MERAH EAST NPC 1800-236 9999

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First Church to Accept Bitcoin – Going to be in Guinness Book ?

The Saint John the Theologian in Koropi Magnesia is the first in the world Orthodox church that accepts Bitcoin BTC as donations. Koropi is a village in the municipal unit of Milies, Magnesia regional unit, Greece. situated on the Pelion peninsula, on the coast of the Pagasetic Gulf. The original writing is Ο Άγιος Ιωάννης Θεολόγος στην Κορόπη Μαγνησίας

Worth to remind that first church that started accepting Credit Cards got a place in Guinness Book marked as religious innovation. … Continue Reading