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Become Shareholder of Top10 Volume Bitcoin Exchange in The World – BiBox

This is one of methods from the free ebook we share here so treat it as a little sneak peek. This is how to invest in bitcoin exchange easily.

Why to Get Shares of Cryptocurrency Exchange ?
If you hold shares of a business you are getting dividends. In this case, the shares are in form of token. Every week they will share 45% of profits with holders of their exchanges token. All you need to do is have an account, buy the tokens and do one single trade a week. The trade can be ie buying 1 more token of the exchange a week.

Which Exchange we Speak Of ?
Bibox the Chinese exchange that is top6 in volume right now. If you never had an account with them, now registering with this link will give you initial 2 free BIX tokens (the ones that for holding you get dividends weekly).
Reward ratio 45% weekly trade fee of Bibox
Distribution Time 17:00 on Every Friday
Reward Method The BIX and some Altcoin are received from the platform commission and will pro-rate distribution to users.
Pro-rate The Circulating Supply of BIX is 129,944,749, Share the appropriate incentive fund to the BIX hold users according to the proportion of the total circulation.

How to Invest into Bitcoin Exchange BiBox?
Register there – CLICK HERE – if its new account – you will get 2 BIX free right now.
Deposit BTC or ETH.
Buy BIX tokens, plenty of markets about BTC and ETH.
Do 1 trade a week of any size.
Enjoy benefits.

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