Bet on Winklevoss ETF Approval with Bitcoin and other Currencies!

Since long time the Winklevoss brothers were preparing their ETF Bitcoin Investing fund and it seems this March so just in a month we will have answer from SEC.

Why is COIN ETF Important ?
An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks In short the creators of Gemini send documents to Securities and Exchange Commission and now by 11 March they will either get approved or not to start the fund legally and officially.
In this CoinDesk article analysts predict BTC to go up to 3200USD this year if ETF gets accepted and its fund move into buying BTC.
winklevoss etf fund betting
All the news about updates on the situation you can watch at

Bet On BitMEX
Lately BitMex Opened Gambling on the Approval Status.
bet with bitcoin on ETF
Currently 34% people bet for the approval of the fund.

Bet On OpenLedger
If you dont like centralized exchanges or want to bet with other currencies, you can do it on Bitshares DEX ie OpenLedger. If you dont have account on OL its really worth making one.

The steps are:

@ Register to OpenLedger

Choose a name, dont expect to get pretty one, they are costy. Just take somethig nwith numbers and letters.

@ Do The Wallet Backup
Up there wallet is your exchange. Keep this keys secure and make backup of them.

@ Send some funds you can use BTS, BTC, LTC, STEEM and many others.

@ Long or Short
bitshares mpa betting
For BTS trading go to:
Long means you believe the ETF will be approved, Short means you believe it wont.

@ Wait for the results

Contract will last for a month. If ETF is approve or not disapproved – its a Long win, if its disapproved – Shorters win.
It will be executed by 12th march 2017 so there is 28 days to bet, change your mind and watch others.

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