Best Anonymous Cryptocurrencies to Invest in March 2017

In last months ZEC Zcash, DASH, XMR Monero have been pumping in price and volume like crazy. Here are coins with this technology which we think may go big soon.

Why Anonymity is Important?
The problem of Bitcoin is that if you ever share address of yours, you can be tracked, and all money moves can be tracked easily. With price of BTC raising to lets say 10 000 USD, and telling your friends before that you had 999 BTC is not a good idea. Also sometimes you want to send money somewhere and not have them tracked to you – ie when you want to give somebody an anonymous present. Lately EU spoke they want to De-Anonymize cryptocurrencies. So for this reasons there were several coins trying to fix this issue.

Anonymous Coins To Get
While we already know ZEC, DASH and XMR got into crazy prices here is few coins using same/similar methods yet they look like their price can only go up.

GBYTE ByteBalls – and to be exact its second currency – Blackbytes. Transactions there are sent directly from payer to payee, never sent to the public database, hence not visible to third parties. Only hash of the transaction is saved in the publicly accessible database as proof of payment, but since hash is a one-way function, you can’t extract any information from the hash. Trades on Cryptox.

EXCL ExclusiveCoin
– 3 years old fork of DASH but with Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work. Speaking shortly you have to buy the coin, then you can stake it when wallet is open or run MasterNode that will pay you for every block found on the network. Trades on Bittrex and CoinExchange.

XZC Zcoin – first coin to use Zerocoin protocol, not a copy or fork of anything. Decent dev team working all the time on adding new innovations ie MTP. It’s a new mining algorithm that promotes decentralisation while maintaining high performance and security. Its a proof of work that is very hard on miners but very light on nodes and pools to verify. Very light and fast to complete. Trades on Bittrex, BTC38 and more.

ZDASH Zdash – fork of Zcash but without dev fees for mining (every ZEC blocks pays part to devs for next 2 years). Uses mostly Bitcoins stats (number of coins, halving etc). So treat it as BTC but with Zerocash algo implemented. Good and active dev team plus nice community. Still better to mine than other forks and not yet added to big exchanges, making it a nice thing to accumulate. Trades on Cryptopia.

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3 thoughts on “Best Anonymous Cryptocurrencies to Invest in March 2017”

  1. You guys forgot to mention $XVG… One of the oldest, and among the first “anon” coins. Dev is still busy, community is still there, it’s live on multiple exchanges, and it is as cheap as alts get right now!

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