poloniex to dump steem

Poloniex Exchange to Dump STEEM on Binance ?

Poloniex exchange get back into OG hands and again lets you have non-verified accounts. If you are not aware TRXs Justin Sun has it now among other projects he bought.

The exchange dropped STEEM some time ago making pretty much Binance and Bittrex/Upbit top places for trading.

Since STEEM blockchain is very easy to navigate two days ago we saw first a test transaction to Binance and then a big one of almost a million STEEM.

Not that people cannot send their big wallets (ie of cash made of fees) but since both TRX and STEEM chains have dApps running and are kind of competitors (with TRX lately buying some social network), we can expect some crazy price action on STEEM that will end as it going down a lot.


Worth to note the exchange still has a lot more that can go down and this may be just a test start with “small amounts”.

2,521,289.535 STEEM
151,003.979 SBD  

What are your thoughts ?

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