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Helbiz ICO – Decentralized Booking and Renting Transportation

Helbiz wants to bring real life usage of cars into the decentralized ecosystem. Lets have a look.

What Helbiz Wants To Do ?
They are creating a seamless way of renting out your private parked car, bike or motorcycle to your peers on the time that you dont use them without having to deal with communication or keys. It seems most of vehicles we use on average just 4% of time, so the idea is to make them earn money in the remaining 96%. By using blockchain everything is instant, paper-less and easy.

Helbiz is pretty much an upgraded, cheaper and seamless 2.0 version of some private car sharing services available on the market today. Whats important is that instead of being limited to a small number of specific vehicles owned by a certain company the Helbiz software and hardware is applicable with almost any car in the world, allowing us to potentially offer the largest fleet of cars globally.

Why Using Blockchain for Transportation ?
Car sharing has been around for some time, it has not been able to become a truly integrated part of our daily lives due to too many limitations. The corporate sharing services are suffering from both limited inventory, availability and car locations while the peer-to-peer sharing services are lacking the seamlessness as they are too unreliable, time consuming and demanding in terms of communication and key exchanges.
No company has been able to create true peer-to-peer model allowing every car owner to monetize their personal vehicle that sits parked most of the time — without requiring them to answer a single message, talk to a single renter or deliver a key.

How to Buy HZD Token ?
The ICO is on Ethereum so you will need a wallet that you control private keys of – Mew, Metamask etc.
To get it visit official website – https://buy.helbizcoin.io/ and login there using Civic app (another sucessful ICO). The using Ethereum (from wallet that you have private keys into) you can enter the presale at rate 1 ETH = 6000 HBZ. Read whitepaper as its important to do research before making any decisions – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UudcsnOrVwe0DeG4p7k7R3m4l28bAzQ0

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