Grab Free NFTs and Bid on New Ones

NFTs aka A non-fungible token is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, where each NFT can represent a unique digital item, and thus they are not interchangeable. Learn how to grab NTF, trade them, and profit.

How to get NFTs ?

You can buy them or create them. If you have no following or fame usually making NFT won’t do much. Unless you make NFTs that are objects in some game that give powers or so not just looks. For looks? Mostly what is behind you. Most NFTs are on Ethereum blockchain so you need Metamask and some ETH ie bought from Binance.

Where to get NFTs ?

Plenty of places but in this case, we will speak about two. OpenSea on Ethereum and AtomicHub on WAX. Ethereum needs just Metamask and WAX needs an account on plus a deposit of WAX ie from Bittrex

Check also

Buy and Grab NFTs.

If you go to you can get free WAX NFT drops seeking for free. On OpenSea you research stuff and buy it. We just dropped some for bids –

Plenty of people send free and paid or bid looking for NFTs that you can later sell for profits. Just guess which ones could go up.  Of course, we all heard of Beeple selling NFT for 69 million USD, do not expect that but 5-100k USD from NFT bought and sold later is possible.

There is even a site now that generates free Beeples for sale (no idea if they won’t ask for commission later) –

Get FREE NFTs on Blockchain

On WAX –

On BinanceSmartChain (use the link to register or you will not get those – )


If the link doesn’t work use –

Bid for unique NFTs on Ethereum that can x100

Mostly on

But also look for hotties on others ie OpenSea

Plenty more shared as they come on Youtube



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