April 2016 Report – Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in or Get out Of

Lets see whats worth getting into this month to get fair shares of your investments back.

What to buy this month?

New Money project & SOLCERT token – this is another BIG thing coming from Bitshares ecosystem. They are in presale mode now and the escrow is CCEDK exchange. To quote this project “we are building next dollar, not the next bitcoin”. And really they have great plans. Get on their train now – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1433069.0. WIll be trading on OpenLedger of course.

ETH Ethereum – while we speak of what to buy mostly, this time im telling you to sell or at least BUY the short on ie https://fuk.io/bitmex ie because ETH just claimed they will close their forum due to lack of funds. If the project is not having enough money for running a forum this doesnt mean anything good.

EXP Expanse – this coins had few “deads” and few revives. Mostly its supply is controlled by few people. It is an ETH clone but there is really no Dapps coming. Do not be fooled by dead monthsns and then 1000% jumps – you will end up as a bag holder.

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2 thoughts on “April 2016 Report – Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in or Get out Of”

  1. Just because the forum is “slow” and not doing as well as expected? No way man, there are a ton of other spaces that Ethereum is being discussed, that would be ridiculous. Keep or invest in ETH, the closest “bitcoin killer” there is… Read the news, big companies are investing in ETH, they would not do so if the coin had no future. You will bang your head if you don’t invest or sell!

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