Trading Cryptocurrency? Hide Your IP to Access Sites & Cover Yourself!

A lot of cryptocurrency and forex traders do not think about tracking online. Today we will review a decent VPN service that will hide your identity and let you access sites which normally you couldnt.

What is VPN?
VPN is a Virtual Private Network which speaking shortly means a way to hide your anonimity from serices you connect into. By wikipediaVPN, is a private network that extends across a public network or internet. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. VPNs can provide functionality, security and/or network management benefits to the user. But they can also lead to new issues, and some VPN services, especially “free” ones, can actually violate their users’ privacy by logging their usage and making it available without their consent, or make money by selling the user’s bandwidth to other users.

Speaking shortly by buying such service you can change IPs all the time (you do not gt 1 IP but loads of spots all over the globe) + you can access sites you normally wouldnt be able (ie if your country is banned) or would be ashamed of (pr0n?:)).

bitcoin vpn cheapIPvanish VPN Review
I have been testing IPVanish since some weeks. This guys are top notch. They claim to not keep logs (remember – those claims you can NEVER be sure of ) but the serive itself works good. The monthly fee is pretty cheap, allows bitcoin payments and gives you loads of options to connect. The easiest way is just to instal their app and from it choose location of server you want to connect. Inside of app you can choose to change IP every x minutes, use extra security layers + each users get socks5 proxy for websites connections. Speaking shortly serivce is cheap, easy to setup and has decent speeds. REGISTER HERE even just for 1 month to test.

Why Use VPN when trading Bitcoin or Gambling ?
There is few reasons. For starters you do not know how laws may change, maybe trading cryptocurrencies will be illegal? Better to now have IP attached to some exchange site. Also exchanges may go rogue, again better to be safe than close to them. And for the main.. USA people (especially New Yorkers) are banned from loads of cool Bitcoin sites that let you leverage trade or gamble. If you ever had issues with registering to BitMex (up to x100 leverage on BTC), PrimeDice (decent dice casino), CloudBet (sports betting) or any else.. This solution is for you!
Better be safe than sorry, just CLICK HERE to start 1st, discounted month on the service.

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