Stox Prediction Market Built on Bancor by

We love Ethereum, we love Bancor (we have promoted its offering before), we love and we love prediction markets. Our users also love all of those. Stox just had to be listened here!

What is Stox ?
Its an open source prediction market platform that will allow every day people to predict and trade outcome of events based on crowds wisdom. It will work for any types of things like sports, finances, politics or even weather changes bets. Thecurrency will be called STX and it will be used for investments and collaterals.
The world famous portal will be its debut provider and operator but later on more of a likes will join the network and drive even bigger traffic to it. Bancor protocol provides an innovative liquidity mechanism for blockchain tokens which STX will take advantage of.

stox ethereum token saleWhat are Stox Application Capabilities ?
Stox will create a client for the Stox platform in the form of a fully functional, open source prediction market app. The app will have implemented user side of the model including on-chain access over Ethereum to Stox smart contracts and access to content, listings and event metadata from decentralized cloud storage.
Using the Stox App you will be able to:
– Create Markets & Categories
– Create Predictions
– Trade with Peers
– Take positions at any time
– Use STX tokens for loads of worldwide prediction tradesHow to Buy Stox ?
floydmayweather promotes ethereum stox invest Look for exchanges that trade it, right now for example CoinExchange, COSS or Bancor.

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