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RepuX ICO – Monetize Data from Small Enterprises!

RepuX wants to help SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to make money and have a chance in a fight with tech giants.

What is RepuX ?
The idea is targetting data that SMEs usually don’t monetize and is brilliant in its simple idea. Businesses sell anonymized data and earn Repux tokens (crypto-currency). Then Repux uses blockchain to assign ratings and reputation to the data. Developers buy the data to train machine learning algorithms and in the end, they can re-sell their AI enhanced apps back to enterprises to help them make better business decisions. The video explains it nicely.

They want marketing and technology to meet and enhance human work this way. Email campaigns can get better, websites and apps can get personalized and customized more.

Usability of RepuX tokens ?
repux presale ethereum icoThe REPUX protocol will be available to developers building DAPPS to utilize data in diverse industries and applications, including inventory management, accounting, supply chain, lending, and business intelligence, and many more. REPUX is the first token sale to develop RESTful APIs for selling company data to developers, who, in turn, can build decentralized applications and sell them back to the companies and to other users in each case using REPUX Tokens REPUX allows the creation of various B2B data sharing possibilities for excess, user and corporate, aggregate data, that does not exist in the current market. Tokens will be using to buy and sell data on the platform and you can already register to see a live version of marketplace. CLICK HERE to visit site and then in top menu choose marketplace tab.

How to Buy REPUX ?
Currently they are in pre-sale mode where you get 50% bonus. All you have to do is signup for their website with valid email address. Then by using Wire transfer, BTC and ETH you can purchase tokens. 1 REPUX = 0,20 USD and 50% total will be sold during pre-ico and ico itself. At 5th of April 2018 tokens will be distributed.

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