March was missed due to me working alot in local things around cryptocurrencies. But for april i have alot of sure bets [almost sure – dont blame me ;)]. So lets hit it!

GlobalBoost aka BSTY coin – unlike most altcoins this one was started by a company of combat wounded veteran. Uses unique CPU algo which makes coin asic/GPU resistant and no premine. Not only the coin is made officialy by a company but also this people “have faces” and are not worried to go with names, surnames and pictures. Just check this project as its really unique. Trades on C-Cex, Bittrex and others.

GoldPieces aka GP coin – an MMO game oriented coin that had community takeover and is now in hands of HYPER guys (read below). If you look at how hard working this team was/is on their main coin, just think where GoldPieces will go in future. GP along with HYPER are sponsors of upcoming “kickstarter type” portal coming that will be of course using cryptos.

HYPER aka HYPER coin – if you love gaming this coin is a must have. They sponsor games, servers and they let you earn money for playing Minecraft, CSGO and others or even.. for watching their live straming. Price of the coin is stadily raising and they are adding loads of new options to use it. Stabile and really expanding cryptocurrency.

NuBits aka NBT coin – the best coin to trade while bitcoin is going low, because it keeps its value. Also one of the coolest coins out there – NBT is ALWAYS worth 1USD. Trades on Allcoin and many others

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