Gladius ICO – CDN and DDOS Protection On The Blockchain

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Notice how crypto exchanges go down on pumps due to Ddos or sites stop working when too many people enter them? Gladius is here to fix it!

What is Gladius ?

gladius ethereum ico

It is a decentralized solution to protect against DDoS attacks by allowing businesses to connect to protection pools near them to provide better protection and accelerate their websites. With an easy to use interface as well as powerful insight tools, Gladius enables anyone to protect and accelerate their website at a cheap cost. People who want to earn will just download Gladius app, install it on a computer selling their free bandwidth. There are currently solutions like Cloudflare/Akamai but they are centralized so at some point if there is bug with them or an attack on them, the whole network will go down, as has a single point of attack.

Whats Most Interesting Here ?
They want to build a technology and marketplace which lets people all across the world rent/use their spare and underutilized bandwidth to help safeguard (DDoS protection) and participate in a global CDN) websites.

It will be cheaper than current centralized SaaS platforms as you will pay only when using the system, not a monthly or daily fee.

It will have better speed due to nodes possibly everywhere in the world. This way it can work even on closed geoserving networks in rare places.

The Gladius network has no single point of failure. Cloudflare was DDoS’d and shut down for a few hours this summer. This can’t happen to Gladius because it is completely decentralized and the attackers would have to shut down thousands of separate components.

People can monetize idle/spare bandwidth. It already happens with monetizing storage (Siacoin, Storj or Filecoin), and now its time to utilize underutilized bandwidth and help protect and accelerate websites across the globe.

How to Buy into The ICO ?
The ICO is on Ethereum so you will need a wallet that you control private keys of – Mew, Metamask etc.
Then go to their sale site –
Of course, do research so, for example, read whitepaper –

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