Firmo Network ICO – Financial Contracts on the Blockchain

Financial contracts securely executed on blockchain? This is what this ICO is about!

What is FirmoProtocol ?

Firmo Protocol enables secure execution of financial contracts on any blockchain through “FirmoLang” it’s coding language.
FirmoLang is a formally verified language to define financial instruments like derivatives, peer to peer lending and prediction markets.
The goal is to allow anyone to create simple and secure financial contacts (e.g. derivatives) on any blockchain – and it’s somewhat crazy that no one thought of this before.

The most interesting part is that while it works now on Ethereum, this is a Blockchain agnostic protocol, meaning it can work with ant blockchains like NEO, QTUM, EOS, etc because FirmoLang is external to the blockchain and Firmo writers compilers between the language to create a financial contract to different Blockchains.

With usual ETH tokens and codes such ICO brings a new wave to the economic model of different projects.

In other words, this can be the protocol that leads the derivative market (1200 Trillion Dollars) and moving it to the Blockchain.

Almost 50% smart contracts written in Solidity (Ethereum language) have vulnerabilities, redundancies or errors.

The way it works is simple – you simply write the terms in plain English and the system will compile a working contract between the parties without the need for an exchange. This way users can simply create financial derivatives on any blockchain. In the future, if they decide to switch from one blockchain to another. They can just ask Firmo to produce their code on another blockchain.


Who is in the team ?

The core team is big and strong (Omri is a pioneer that wrote Bancor’s technical whitepaper) and solid but i want to point something first – Qtum is an investor, which is a great sign. Next, the advisors part – we can find there Shelly Moyal, a managing partner of the biggest Israeli fund, Nadav Dakner from InboundJunction/MarkerAcross, Stas Oskin & Sebastian Stupurac of WINGS and more Academic Professors on top.

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ICO Terms

The date is not known yet so you should register to the website to keep up with the news.

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