211USD Average Made by Our Users + Giveaway for Email Subscribers + 2019 Updates

Welcome to 2019! Lets check what we been up too on this cryptocurrency information blog so you know what to expect.

211USD Average Made by Our Users
We have a free trading Discord group which anyone can join (CLICK HERE FOR INVITE). We share there a lot of stuff but there is a channel about airdrops and giveaways. After counting and even excluding some it looks like an average user who read posts there should make at least 211 USD if he joined those. With no limit on top as for example, there is bitcoin dice faucets where in theory you can make unlimited BTC 🙂

New Version of Free Bitcoin Ebook Coming
We have released an ebook which is free to get for everyone and all email subscribers of this site get it called Cryptocurrency Income Guide. Just to show pros that this is about some knowledge that even they may not have, and to show newbies how easy methods are we shared here lately one of the methods – have shares of bitcoin exchange. Just a few months passed and one of the methods is not working anymore, one changed and we have a few to add. So this year (prolly next month) there will be an updated version of the ebook sent to all subscribers. Doesn’t matter if you got it off the blog here or the dedicated site for the book.

Giveaway of XZC to Email Subscribers of The Blog
To start 2019 good we have 1str prize of 3 XZC and 2nd of 8 STEEM to give to two lucky users who join the competition. Both coins are popular and trade ie on biggest exchange in the world Binance.
Right now after releasing this post you should get an email from us about it (if not check your email filters, spam – whitelist news@fuk.io domain etc). Reply to the email with answers to these questions:
– What coin will be hottest in 2019 ?
– What price Bitcoin will have by 20th December 2019 ?

This contest is ONLY for people who subscribed to this blog/ebook site BEFORE this post. If you subscribe right now you will get all benefits email subscribers have but you won’t be able to enter this contest. But next one – sure 😉

Plans For The Blog in 2019
For start, we want to revive Youtube channel. Revive is not a good word as it was never really promoted or used but maybe this year it will be. Consider subscribing.
We will get even more interviews with cool people, seems you really liked ones with CEOs of Changelly and BnkToTheFuture so we will go for more.

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